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*ORAL CARE AND MYTHS ABOUT DENTAL TREATMENT*-Why does sensitivity occur?-Which is the best toothpaste?-How to avoid decay in kids?-Is dental treatment expensive?
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ROOT CANAL TREATMENT: MYTHS V/S FACTS‘Root canal treatment’ one of the most dreaded and talked about dental procedure brings with it a bunch of myths. Since dentists are now going the conservative way; instead of extracting teeth, most of them are being saved. Thus root canal treatment has become more common than ever. It surely no longer is something to be stressed about provided we have our facts right.Myth 1: Root canal treatment is very painfulFact 1: Instead a root canal relieves immense pain and swelling in a matter of minutes. With the advent of modern root canal technology and thin needles; if performed in an appropriate manner root canal treatment causes no or very minimal pain.Myth 2: Root canal treatment requires too many appointmentsFact 2: Most root canals are now possible in a single visit. This can be performed with the help of advanced rotary root canal instruments which reduce the procedure time drastically. Single visit RCT also has the advantage of less bacterial contamination and reduced post-treatment pain.Myth 3: The better alternative to Root canal treatment is extractionFact 3: Once a tooth is lost, nothing can exactly replace its original form, function and aesthetics. A tooth is more precious than a diamond and every attempt should be made to save it. Root canal treatment is by far the best modality to restore a natural tooth.Myth 4: A root canal ‘kills the tooth’Fact 4: Root canal treatment is performed to clean and disinfect
PREGNANCY AND YOUR TEETHPregnancy is one of the life changing phases in a woman’s life and maximum care of diet and health is required during this period. It is of prime importance to take care of teeth and gums more so ever during pregnancy. Hormonal changes during this phase increase the risk of developing oral diseases which in turn can also affect the health of the baby.Teeth require optimal care before, during and after pregnancy.I] Dental care before pregnancy: If you are planning a baby then a dental appointment prior can be a good way to avoid further problems. Thorough examination of teeth followed by professional cleaning and filling of decayed teeth can serve to be beneficial. Also this is the best time to deal with any other dental problem.
II] Dental care during pregnancy: Regular brushing of teeth and gum care is necessary during pregnancy. Swelling of gums commonly occurs during this time and should be reported to your dentist. If morning sickness is keeping the lady away from brushing, a bland toothpaste can be recommended by dentist along with appropriate mouth wash.Dental care is mandatory during this time to avoid further problems like swollen or bleeding gums, pain in teeth, decay etc. During your dental visit mention to the dentist the trimester you are in and the drugs which you are taking on a daily basis. There are also certain medicines likes tetracycline etc which are to be not given during pregnancy. X-rays are generally avoided.
DO YOU NEED A SMILE MAKEOVER ??Smile is one of the first things which people observe on a person’s face. It is also a vital aspect in creating a first impression. If you are going for an interview or getting married or your are a public figure, sales executive, businessman, teacher or even house wife or teenagers who are not confident with their smile… A ‘Smile makeover’ is definitely for you….So basically if you are conscious of smiling in front of family, friends or in public… ‘Smile makeover’ is definitely a treatment modality you should opt for. It would not only correct deformed teeth but would make a person look younger, improve dental health and enhance a person’s confidence immensely.Various treatment modalities are now available to enhance a patient’s smile. Most of them today are under the reach of normal individuals.Smile makeover is done to enhance a patients existing smile. It can be performed in case of decayed teeth, stained teeth, chipped teeth, fractured teeth, crooked teeth, teeth with gaps, short or tall, mismatching teeth, missing teeth, abraded or eroded teeth, unsightly teeth or old fillings.Due to the advances in technology, a large number of successful and cost effective treatment options are available with us today. These include tooth colored fillings, tooth colored caps, dental bleaching, veneers, dental implants to name a few. Also if the treatment turns out to be costly, now a days many companies have come into dental insurance and do
Are you suffering from bad breath...Bad breath is primarily caused by poor oral hygiene but can also be caused by retained food particles or gum disease. More than 80 million people suffer from chronic halitosis, or bad breath. In most cases it originates from the gums and tongue. The odor is caused by wastes from bacteria in the mouth, the decay of food particles, other debris in your mouth and poor oral hygiene. The decay and debris produce a sulfur compound that causes the unpleasant odor.Few causes related to bad breadth areFoods: Halitosis can be exacerbated by certain foods such as onions and garlic because they contain smelly sulfur compounds, while dairy, meat, and fish contain dense proteins which are used as a food source by the anaerobic, sulfur-producing bacteria. Refined and processed sugars also provide a food source for bacteria. Coffee and juices can contribute to this problem because they are acidic and provide these bacteria with an ideal breeding environment.Poor dental hygiene: Inadequate oral care causes bacterial buildup on the teeth and gums. Teeth cannot shed their surfaces the way skin can, so microorganisms can easily attach to the teeth and remain there for extended periods. If they are not continuously removed by adequate brushing, these bacteria develop and commonly known as dental plaque. When plaque is allowed to accumulate near the gumline, it will harden and begin destroying teeth and gum tissues due to intense bacterial activity